Shoes. Shoes. Shoes.

I was inspired to make footwear for my senior project collection by the moccasins on display at the Gene Autry museum. The moccasins are a part of the Floral Journey: Native North American Beadwork exhibit.

While researching how Native Americans made their moccasins I was able to find that all shoe patterns started with a simple tracing of the foot.


5 left feet! Foot tracings with the shoes made from them.

After obtaining the foot tracing, making the pattern is surprisingly simple. All of my shoes are based off of a pattern that looks like this.



Shoe pattern shape used for all shoes.

The interesting thing about this pattern is that center seam and side seamed moccasins can be created using this. The change comes from the way you sew the shoe. The shoes I created are all side seamed, but are different styles and have various closures.


Made for my model Mary, these shoes have abalone toggle closures.


A view inside of Mary’s shoe.


Boots made for Julia. Tied with leather cord.


A view of Julia’s boot opened. The tongue also flaps down to allow the wearer to slide foot in.


Shoes made for Stef. The openings were sandwiched with navy wool and feature tabs creating a pathway for the leather string used to tie the shoe.


Ballet flats made for Jess. These also have the openings encased with navy wool and have punched holes for the leather string ties.


Knee high boots made for Calista. The ties are made of leather string.


My models wearing their shoes.




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