Art 492 Project 1

Depictions of Mary in Renaissance paintings inspired this collection. In awe of the mastery of the artists, I fell in love with the rich color palettes and lines within the works. The passing of centuries has given me the freedom to see Mary as a source of power, serenity, and majesty. My art is an invocation of the feelings that are embodied by depictions of Mary but removed from any particular time, place, and persona.

Initial inspiration for this collection came from the painting “Madonna with Saints and Federico Montefeltro” By Piero della Francesca.


“Madonna with Saints and Federico Montefeltro” By Piero della Francesca


I became enamoured with the colors and the majesty felt from this painting. From there I decided to research more depictions of Mary in Renaissance painting.








Antiquity Tank, Abalone Vest, and Modern Icon Shorts Sketch


Techniques used in Antiquity Tank: inverted pleats, gathering, french seams, and hand stitching.

Techniques used in Abalone Vest: shaped facings, hand stiched toggle loops, curved darts.

Techniques used in Modern Icon Shorts: Faced waistband and faced hem to create a clean edge.


Antiquity Tank, Abalone Vest, and Modern Icon Shorts completed



Antiquity Dress and Abalone Vest Sketch


Techniques used in Antiquity Dress: Innovative drawstring pathways, shifted sleeve seams to front of dress.


Antiquity Dress and Abalone Vest completed



Triptych Cape sketch

Techniques used in Triptych Cape: Shaped facings, princess seams, hand stitched silk wrap around.

Techniques used in Iconic Body Icon Dress: Facings, shoulder straps made from sewn tubing, curved darts.


Triptych Cape and Iconic Body Icon dress completed


Triptych Cape with silk border



Illuminate Dress Sketch


Techniques used in Illuminate Dress: Innovative suspender harness, cowl neck, drawstring pathways, bias cut fabric.


illuminate Dress


Illuminate Dress back



Avant Garde Sketch


Techniques used in Avant Garde Piece: Entire look is interfaced, pieces will be detachable with buttons, draped hood with sloped shoulders.

I was inspired by religious habits worn by Nuns as well as clean lines and curves seen in costumes from 1960’s and 70’s Sci-fi films. With this inspiration in mind I attempt to create a future vintage ceremonial robe from an unknown solar system.


Avant Garde Progress


Fashion Houses my collection compliments:

Jil Sander

Yohji Yamamoto


Calvin Klein



Itemized Cost Sheet for Project 1.

amy pearl cost sheet








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