Fashioning the Queer Self

What I kept picking up on in this chapter was the idea that gay people somehow have it different in the sense of how they’re judged by what they’re wearing by their gay peers. I don’t understand this. Everyone is being judged by the second. It doesn’t matter if you’re gay, straight, bisexual, asexual, whatever, you’re still going to be judged by your peers no matter what sex or gender they identify with. I feel like this chapter was also somewhat homophobic. Why did this study even happen? Did these people really think that a gay person is going to go through different kinds of preparations when getting ready for their daily judgement?

The scores are in.

For example, one of the male subjects in the video study stated that he has to shave his legs to be smooth, since gay men don’t like body hair, and that he’s not going to show his body until he feels comfortable with it. He ends his statement with, “That’s one of the problems of being gay I suppose.”. Uh, no. I’m sorry, but I’ve had to deal with uncomfortable shaving for years, because our society prefers women to be hairless pre-pubescent creatures for their entire lives. Why that is? I couldn’t tell you.  And not showing your body until you’re comfortable with it pertains to everyone!

Welcome to the club.

From what I read the only differences worth mentioning were when the person was apart of the sadomasochism community. Of course there’s going to be a difference between a person in a sexual subculture and everyone else. There are normative behaviors in homosexual sex and straight sex. I would consider anything that goes beyond those normative behaviors different enough to be studied. Straight or homosexual.

It’s funny because at first I called this chapter homophobic, but I’m changing my mind right now. Because from this chapter I’ve come to the realization that straight and gay people are both guilty of thinking that they’re different from each other. People of all sexes and genders need to stop thinking that they’re special in some way just because they happen to prefer a certain kind of sex partner. You aren’t special. You’re apart of the human race, and usually humans like other humans. Whether you prefer a penis or a vagina shouldn’t matter to anyone but yourself and the person you’re with.

Made me think of the song  Origin of Love from Hedwig and the Angry Inch. The message I get from it is that were all the same creature united by our search for the right person.


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