Art 156 Final Project Research

Creating a new shape.

While visiting the Institute for Figuring, I felt a little overwhelemed. There was so much information crammed into this tiny building. I spent the most time in the dark room full of colorful models suspended from the ceiling. I was surrounded by hyperbolic creations. Surrounded by new shapes of all sizes in bright technicolor. I managed to create my own new shape..

What I created.

Pipe cleaner hyperbolic beast.


Surrounded by colorful floating shapes.

In the next room where the examples of the crocheted coral reef were on display, I couldn’t help but stare at them. I was particularly in awe of the beaded variety seeing how I’ve loved beading since I was about 9 years old. I would say that bead work and jewelry making is my first love. Right after staring into the wire crocheted reef, I saw something that made me extremely excited. It was a couple of crocheted hyperbolic necklaces. They were made of bright red and orange plastic string and I loved how intricate they looked yet they had a solid permanent feel in my hand. Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of them. I guess while I was freaking out over them, I forgot to have my sister (the photographer of the day) snap a photo. But here are a few examples of what the necklaces looked like.

Imagine the item on the left as a necklace

After leaving the IFF I’ll be honest in saying that I didn’t immediately know what I was going to do for my final. There was so much going on in my head about physics and light traveling through crystals to other dimensions and smoke rings living forever. That slightly overwhelming feeling came over me once again.

Picture of my thrift store find.

Last Sunday is when everything came together. I was at a thrift shop and I picked up an old embroidery book for 3.50. I was very happy to find this book seeing how after learning to french knot I was feeling like I should definitely try my hand at other embroidery stitches. Inside the book I came across “crewel” projects. There was a beautiful crewel collar and a crewel belt buckle. Crewel embroidery, or crewelwork is a type of decorative surface embroidery.

And then it hit me. I can combine organic silhouettes (like the silhouettes of all the colorful hanging shapes and the crocheted coral reefs) at the IFF with embroidery learned in and out of class to create jewelry pieces. For my final project I’ll create a collection of necklaces, bracelets, brooches, and rings that will be inspired by all the organic shapes and bright colors from the IFF. In my embroidery book it shows how you can create jewelry pieces by embroidering the entire piece on strong cotton fabric with interfacing, you then cut the design out with seam allowance, then you cut out backing and sew the pieces together.

Here are a few examples of embroidered jewelry.

Example of embroidered bib necklace.



Better example of the type of organic shape that I’m envisioning.


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