Fashion Architecture and Art

“Installation artists use fashion principles to understand how identities are created.. Architects use the built environment to alter our relationships with each other and to ourselves, exploring the impact of materials, color, and tactility to create places which are at once real and imagined. Such devices are also common to fashion, where they highlight the gulf between private experience and public content.”

In shorter terms, fashion, art, and architecture are all linked. In my opinion this is pretty obvious, but only because I consider both fashion and architecture forms of art.

What I found interesting was that at the turn of the century, architects and artists played major roles in dress reform. The architect Henry Van de Velde designed ‘reform dresses’ with the painter Alfred Mohrbutter. These artists wanted to challenge fashion and create fashions that reflected the aesthetics of the art movements happening around them. Here is a short article on artistic dress. click

Van Velde living room

Van Velde art dress.













I also enjoyed the segment of the article on Lyubov Popova. She was a Russian avant-garde artist during the 1920’s. She mostly designed clothing for stage productions and she tried to incorporate stage elements into the costumes. Her pieces had many sculptural elements and were meant to be looked at from different angles. The article stated that she designed both the set and the costumes for the production called “Magnanimous Cuckuld”. As you can see below, the costume design and the stage go perfectly together. The blue pops off the yellow stage, and the angles create harmony.

Popova stage design for Magnanimous Cuckold

Costume design for Magnanimous Cuckold


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