Material With Memory Response

Out of the artists showcased (Shonibare, Pueti, and Kimsooja), I personally like Kimsooja’s work the most. The specific project that was discussed in the reading was one that included a truck full of bottaris. Bottaris are traditional Korean blankets that are used as blankets and as a means to bundle personal belongings. Historically the bundles were for quickly transporting belongings in case of a sudden move. In the video linked at the bottom of the page, Kimsooja explains that bottaris must be resewn after every washing. Her idea for her bottari project started from her daily activities of washing and repairing bottaris with her mother. She see’s art in life and life as art.

I also enjoyed the clashing patterns in Shinobare’s art work. He used batik fabric in his garments. BatikĀ  fabric originates from Africa and has been around for centuries. Batik is created with dye and wax to create designs on fabric.


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