Student Introduction Survey

What is you favorite color and why?

At the moment my favorite color is lavender. It’s calming and in my opinion tough.

-What store do you like to shop in?

My favorite place to shop is eBay. I can be on eBay for hours. Think of anything new or old and chances are it’ll be on eBay, or something like it will be there. I always say that eBay is the greatest thrift shop in the world.

-What music do you listen to? What do you like about it?

As of now I listen to trance and other electronic music. I like music that I can zone out to or have on in the background that won’t bother me. Here are two of my current favorites.

Bjork is also one of my favorite artists. She is literally a musical genius. She writes all of her music and she even goes as far as creating musical instruments to be sure her music is made the way she envisions it.

Slayer, Interpol, Bauhaus, The Cure, and Deastro are some of my other favorite groups.

-What is your favorite designer? Why?

My favorite design house is Yves Saint Laurent right now. I’m particularly enamored with Stefano Pilati’s Fall 2012 collection. I love how clean everything is, and I love how he managed to create such an attitude with classic looks. To me, it’s Blade Runner minimal.

Philip Treacy is also one of my favorite designers. He’s a milliner who makes gorgeous, surreal, fantastical pieces of art for your head. I admire every detail in his hats.












Inspired by Michael Jackson


-What clothing brand do you follow or like? Why?

I follow the Japanese brand Yaponskii because I admire their avant-garde pieces. It’s refreshing to see silhouettes that aren’t typical to the US.

-Describe an image, what would your brand be?

My image would definitely involve the moon somehow. Either something with the moon phases, or even just a crescent moon with its points facing up. To me the moon is comforting and mysterious. And I want my customers to feel comforted and mysterious while wearing my brand.

My brand would be wearable avant-garde. I’d create simple pieces that have style elements that push the garment to a comfortable level of daring and unusual.


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